College Soccer Academy


Camp Info

You will receive a numbered pinnie, so the college coaches know who you are & how to contact you after the camp.

There are 4 Stations at our ID camps (each station approx. 50 minutes)


Small-sided Games (e.g. 8v8)

College Coaches will want to observe the player in a small-sided game for recruiting purposes. College coaches will also provide positional and tactical advice as well as individual decision-making guidance.

Final 3rd/Shooting/Goalkeeper Station

The final 3rd/shooting station will focus on technique and player movement to enhance goal-scoring opportunities. Goalkeepers will also work at this station, and receive position specific advice from college GK coach(es).

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How to be recruited & NCAA rules

Both players and parents receive a presentation on NCAA recruiting rules pertaining to the recruiting process as well as how to communicate & market yourself to schools of interest. We also discuss what college coaches are looking for and fundamentals of the admissions process (e.g. SAT/ACT etc.).

College Coaches Choice station

At this station the college coach will provide a suitable training session they typically conduct with their college player’s. Player’s will receive technical, tactical and decision-making advice at this station.

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